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Customs Clearance


Customs Clearance

As an Import Custom Clearing Services in India With updated and complete knowledge of import custom duty in India and customs regulations in India, custom clearing services in India and procedures being an custom clearing agents we handle customs clearing services of import consignments by sea, air and road efficiently and effortlessly as being an chief Import Custom Clearing Services in India. 

Our Process

When the custom official procedure are finished the Vayuputhra as a custom clearing agent in India provides the consignments to the said destination as per our clients needs. As we acquire the said documents, our experienced import custom clearing agents in India professionals try to deliver the finest possible advantage to the clients as part of custom clearance services with reference to the custom notifications and exemptions being a custom clearance agent in India. With a technical professional staff for import custom clearance we avoid the delay in custom clearing services and other detention charges such as hefty demurrage etc.

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