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Address Seegehalli, Bengaluru, India
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Cash Management


Cash Management

Vayuputhra Logistics is one of the fastest growing cash management companies in India and a leading provider of “Cash in Transit“ Services focused on the safe transit/transport and management of currency and valuables for Banks, Finance Institutions and Retailers. Our company offers best in class cash logistics services with Complete Line Maintenance & highest levels of efficiency along with a reliable, safe, customized and timely integrated logistics.

Why to choose us

Automate the cash supply chain 

Reduce operational, transportation and holding expenses, increase staff productivity and improve vendor management

Gain enterprise control, reduce risk

Centralize control, improve risk protection and gain visibility using advanced technologies and business intelligence

Delight your customers

Optimize currency levels for higher availability and quicker transactions across the enterprise

Reinvigorate your branch 

Streamline and automate activities to reduce expenses and elevate customer service

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We don’t just manage suppliers, we micro-manage them. We have a consultative, personalized approach